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Hello! @Andhess and I are the founders of Staffjoy. We both found an interest in the math behind scheduling while in college. Staffjoy started as a side project while we worked at OpenDNS. After the OpenDNS acquisition by Cisco, we were accepted to the YCombinator Fellowship - so we moved to Staffjoy full-time. Most of our users are on-demand startups. We’re both around today to answer any questions you may have. You can also read about our launch here:
@philipithomas Nice job!! Can I ask a non-product-related question? How is the YC fellowship program?
@bentossell @philipithomas Hi Ben - YCF has been a valuable experience. We've received so much support through the network. The YC partners provided pointed advice to accelerate our growth. Alumni companies have offered support (e.g. @OnboardIQ provided us with office space). Meeting peers that are going through the same process has been valuable too - e.g. @LegionAnalytics guys have been awesome. The mechanics of YCF are similar to normal Y Combinator, but more abbreviated. We still have group and 1:1 office hours, but there are no Tuesday dinners. "Demo day" is more of an alumni presentation night.
@philipithomas Nice, great to hear it! Really interested in seeing how it goes. I've spoken to the peeps over at Legion Analytics 😆
@philipithomas yes, it's clear that's what will make this a success. It's one thing to bring the old schedule online and the manager still has to create it through drag and drop, etc. and it's a whole another to use math to have the app produce it for them. Reminds me of the difference @mlz talked about at Scale between Thumbtack and others that just took the phone book online. I definitely see the value prop, you guys should collect case studies on how much time the average manager used to waste on scheduling a week that is now saved. I bet it's around half a day, which would be almost a whole month of manager productivity saved each year! One future feature that might be interesting is the ability for the staff to switch/trade/cover shifts for each other which I think happens a lot as people's schedules change, cars break down, kids get sick, etc. EDIT - whoops sorry I didn't keep this an inline reply!
@patrickh we actually have our 1st case study coming out in the next coming days! We will be showing how Staffjoy was able to help an on-demand food delivery company of roughly 300 workers properly allocate their workforce. Compared to their human scheduler, our software better allocated workers for a schedule that is 10% more efficient. Over and under scheduling really adds to the cost of your workforce.
@andhess @patrickh To add in to Andrew's comment - we call the feature you mentioned "shift swapping." We already have basic support for this through the claimable shifts, but keep an eye out for official support in the next couple weeks :-)
@patrickh Pretty cool how you asked for a case study, and these guys were already on top of it!!
@philipithomas and @andhess nice work, having worked briefly as a part-timer in the restaurant business I know scheduling can be a big pain point. Also when I worked as a caddy on the weekends we switched over to a similar system that made life way, way easier for both the manager and the caddies. Best of luck with the launch!
@patrickh Thanks, Patrick! We were surprised by how many scheduling applications on the market digitize old workflows rather than rethinking then. We hope to eliminate the biggest pain point of scheduling - producing the schedule - by mathematics.
Congrats @philipithomas! The product looks fantastic and love how fast you guys are moving
@sydney_liu_sl Thanks, Sydney!
@andhess pretty awesome that you have a case study out!! What are some of the legacy tech stacks for scheduling that you are pulling people away from? This is pretty great that you have this type of mobile first solution! I see this translating to any industry and allows enterprises to bring mobility in real time!