We want to find the world's best stadium experiences.

Stadialist aims to curate the world's best stadium and football experiences. For those who are frequent stadium hoppers or those interested in checking out a stadium further afield, we want to cover the matchday experience as best as possible.

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Hey @erd_so, Really this like idea and the execution thus far. I think you could essentially build the Yelp for stadiums/venues here. A few things that I think I find myself wanting to see: - Food - I'd love to see what the best food is in the stadium. What's the best deal? best tasting, etc? - Autographs - what are the autograph tips of the stadium? Where should I stand? When should i get there, etc? - Sponsor activations/offers - are there any really cool activations/offers going on in stadium that I need to see? - Instagram - where are the perfect spots for an instagram photo? - Surrounding bars/restaurants - where should i go before/after the game?
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Hi @benmlevy :) Thanks for the feedback, I've wondered a lot about constructing a social feed for each stadium and definitely surrounding bars and restaurants is something that's coming! Over time I'll be exploring the granularity of categories and if it's possible to extrapolate ratings into reviews also!
Hi all, my name is Erd, a product designer/maker based in Berlin. 👋 As an avid football fan I go to many stadiums in the hope of discovering a great atmosphere. Having been curious as to what the best experience is, I decided to build a platform to do just that - discover the world's best stadiums experiences. Going to matches is a community experience, so I'm submitting to Product Hunt today in the hope of the communities feedback! What do you like? What do you not? Looking for honest opinions so please, feel free to have a look around and let me know what you think. ✌️
Unique concept with a great execution. The UI couldn't be better either ^^
@tcodinat thank you for the nice words! Please do let me know of any more feedback you may have :D
Great Work !! Super idea and well executed especially for UX / UI. Just a little thing on the stadium’s show page, I would have liked to see in the background the photo of the stadium rather than the map. I think it's more "immersive" Some other features that would be pretty cool in my opinion : - Local Teams for each stadium. - Historic matches (like derbys, clasico...) - Next matches played in the stadium(opportunity for affiliation with tickets marketplaces ? 💰) - Wish list of stadiums i’d like to discover
@erd_so I am working on web app dedicated totally for soccer FANS. My next todo is to put stadium view for each club but your implementation looks very neat and detailed. Right now FansTally is restricted only for english premier league clubs, will be extending for other leagues as well. My current focus is to get more EPL fans to register. Would be nice to talk to you some day as I am also a sports crazy and a big soccer FAN.