Stadia Maps

Simple, affordable digital mapping for every app

Stadia Maps addresses two core issues: most online maps are expensive, and when you have the money, difficult to implement and integrate.

- We offer base and static maps, and routing.

- We provide beautiful themes.

- We don't track or sell user data.

- We never display ads or your competitors on the map.

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This may be exactly what I’m looking for. Other services are so expensive and block new apps from using them due to this initial expense. Definitely going to be testing!
Thanks, @adammydesign! Definitely reach out to us if you have any questions.
Always keeping an eye on new mapping services and this one looks really promising!
@lseelenbinder can you use map box themes with this service? Or are we restricted to what is currently available?
@adammydesign With our vector tiles, you can use mapbox-gl themes, as long as you have a proper license. For raster, you're limited to our current offerings. (We are expanding our offerings as quickly as we can!)
@lseelenbinder Thanks for the quick response.
Thanks for hunting @lseelenbinder could you please tell us more about your vision for Stadia Maps?
@abadesi Thanks for asking! Here’s a brief idea of where we are and where we want to go. Maps shouldn't be difficult or expensive. We founded Stadia Maps to address these two core issues. Most online maps are expensive, and when you have the money, difficult to implement and integrate. We're starting out with base and static maps and routing. By starting simple, we can offer fair and transparent pricing. As we continue to expand our services (geocoding and satellite maps are on our short list), we will keep a straightforward pricing model. We believe maps should serve the customer, not the map provider. Some mapping providers display maps with competitors to your business, reviews (that may be fraudulent), or their own logos alongside your data. We believe a well-designed base map is all you need to allow you data to shine. As we expand, we will continue to focus on putting your company and data first. That's just the beginning; we are working on several simple tools to help business owners and developers utilize maps in their web and mobile applications. Ultimately, we want to enable others to create fantastic mapping experiences. How - We strive to provide fairly priced and transparent plans. - We provide beautiful themes for a variety of contexts. - We never track* or sell user data. - We never display reviews or potential competitors (“related” businesses) alongside your data. - We never display ads on your map. - We are working on JS libraries to make interactive map design suck less. *Beyond the necessary details to implement rate limiting and similar technical measures to ensure everyone has a good experience
@lseelenbinder How exciting! Thanks for sharing. I admire your commitment to transparency and data protection.
Thanks, @abadesi! We're excited, too! :)