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We are super excited to launch Stackup - The first tool that securely measures your time learning anywhere on the web (Free Chrome Extension) Stackup automatically scores and categorizes what you learn online into 60 subject areas – from Aerospace to Zoology. Get the Chrome Browser Extension and automatically start stacking. Visit your dashboard to challenge yourself & friends - Collect time, earn badges, level up, & share your achievements. We would love feedback from the Product Hunt community as we empower people to learn everywhere, and get credit for it. Regards, Nick Garvin CEO
sounds too good to be true! How do you make those payments?
@samir_doshi Stackup is free. As we grow we will introduce premium features.
Stackup is a a great way to see a clear picture of what you're doing online. I've been using it for a few weeks now and see the value for students who want to validate their work and also for life trackers like me who like to know as much as possible about how they use their time. I've been exploring the different categories of trending sites - and it's been interesting to drill down into what automotive sites are most popular, for example. Something that that will help me in my work.
As a two-way dual-language bilingual immersion educator, I am excited to begin using this extension with my English language learners. The challenges provide students with that extra bit of motivation to read and explore their interests both within the classroom and outside of class. I believe Stackup will prove to be an invaluable tool for educators everywhere across disciplines and can become an excellent portfolio of sorts to demonstrate knowledge and time spent learning concepts and skills to potential employers. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes and am impressed by the response to feedback from the makers. Great tool for educators, students, and employers looking for those eager to show their willingness to be adaptable lifelong learners. I can't say enough about the potential I see in this tool. Wishing the makers the best of luck in spreading the word about Stackup! 😊 No, they're not paying me! It's just that useful.