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How does the announcement of Slack App Directory effect Stacktodo? EDIT: SUPER excited to see that co-founder @rhysjones is a fellow Welshman :) Would love to hear your story!! (Are you based closer to Silicon Valleys or the Original Valleys?)
@bentossell The Slack App Dir is a great for discovery - we'll be spinning out the individual bots into their own installable versions there as well. Also, now that the Slack Button allows adding bot users, the one-click-installation process is much smoother (no more copy and paste API tokens, which is why we worked on the email invite route to avoid this).
"If you pay for Slack then we charge a sliding scale monthly fee for full access to all Stacktodo bot tools." - I looked around a bit, but couldn't find any indication of where that sliding scale starts and where it ends up. We use a paid Slack so that's relevant information for me. :)
@gloom303 we'll be releasing the pricing structure at the end of the beta period in January - the bots and tools are all free of charge during the beta. Happy to discuss things in the meantime!
Too bad the support for Stacktodo is virtually non-existent. Having trouble with their Invite Bot (simply doesn't send invites as promised), but haven't heard anything back despite sending multiple tweets and emails. This needs to be a whole lot better when they'll be introducing their monthly fees. Love the tools and ideas, but so far underwhelmed with support.
@rhysjones Are you guys still working on this project?
@jeanpaulh Yes, we've been working on changes to the system following some updates to the Slack API (as well as some new bots..). Apologies for the dealy with the Invite bot issue - I've just followed up over email to progress so should be able to resolve shortly.
@rhysjones Got your email and we'll take it from there. I'll update my comment accordingly when resolved.
@rhysjones do you have an email or something? the bot stop working on my channel :( nobody answer on support form and twitter
@sanshiro_ just picked up on the support request - looking into it now.
@sanshiro_ just sent an email to help resolve!
The publishing tool doesn't work for me, and there is no activity on their Twitter account 6 months now :(