Pay as you go gym membership at studios across the USA

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Hi @bentossell , thanks for the question! There are some similar models in our space that offer unlimited membership plans for people who know they will put their membership to good use! Stacktive is really great for travelers who bounce around between cities, people new to fitness who want to just get their feet wet, and even fitness enthusiasts looking to switch things up! With Stacktive, we only offer a pay as you go plan that allows our members to purchase discounted day passes one at a time ,and only pay for the studio when they know they will use it. We all know how often gym memberships go unused! As far as signing up studios, we let the studios dictate how much they receive per visit from us. Studio owners really appreciate that we don’t approach them with a lowball offer and try discounting what they are really worth. With that model we have already managed to sign up over 300+ studios in just a matter of months! We would absolutely love to have SoulCycle on board! We have heard nothing but good things about them. Our goal is to continue to sign up high quality studios and fitness related activities all across the nation. We have an excellent referral program that rewards members for getting their favorite studio on board with Stacktive, and word of mouth from other studios has done us wonders!
Dig the idea, feel it would be beneficial to be able to search from the site if any gyms in my area participate -- as I'm in a semi-rural area, I typically assume there isn't, but never know. Process of having to install the app to then possibly search deters me.
@zaccoffman Thanks for the feedback! We have played around with that idea before and have actually had it on our website in the past. Sound like we need to bring it back!
I saw somewhere recently that there was a VC firm invested in a similar model... @evan_ugk @reubenpressman how do you plan to compete in such a competitive market? How do you overcome the barrier of signing up studios... I imagine some cult followers ( @corleyh @katesegrin @mscccc ) would want to see things like SoulCycle in something like this. Do you plan to expand that far? and if so, what is the action plan ;)
All Product Hunt users get 25% off after a pass is purchased! Be sure to use promo code PRODUCTHUNT when signing up on the site or in the app. Earn more discounts for referring friends or studios!
@evan_ugk Congrats on the launch! Is this promo code no longer working?
@evan_ugk Congrats on launching via PH! Impressed by the diversity of studios you all have signed on. Definitely excited to use this in the near future!