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Lior Kesos
Lior KesosMaker@lior_kesos
I'm the CTO at Stacksight. We're very excited to launch Stacksight on Product Hunt. Stacksight provides operational insights for open source applications. We provide one dashboard for various opensource platforms and cms's including wordpress, drupal, symfony, generic php apps, node.js, and many more in the work. II'm here to answer any question you have regarding Stacksight and how to get started.
Ariel Klikstein
Ariel Klikstein@arielklikstein · Web Developer,
It looks awesome, good job!
Kobe Ben Itamar
Kobe Ben Itamar@caparico · Co-founder & CMO @ Freemius
I've seen Stacksight in action, and it looks very useful for those who need to manage multiple websites based on open-source platforms, even if the platforms vary.
Lior Kesos
Lior KesosMaker@lior_kesos
@caparico Thanks @kobe, I think that the ability to support multiple platforms makes us unique - one of our customers is the technion - (It's like MIT in Israel) they have 300 sites on a wordpress multisite, 15 drupals , 2-3 moodle instances and some custom php code. They use our platform to visualize all of this in one dashboard.
Shlomi Zadok
Shlomi Zadok@shlomizadok
Awesome work. Good luck !
Yakir Sitbon
Yakir Sitbon@yakirsitbon · Lead Developer at
How is this different from ManageWP?
Zohar Stolar
Zohar StolarMaker@zstolar · Founder of &
@yakirsitbon Stacksight is not a management dashboard. It doesn't DO anything for you in your websites. Stacksight shows you all you need to know about the state of your website and helps you fix any security holes, performance hits, php errors and more. Stacksight is about *letting you know*, and not about controlling your assets. It lets you know - then it's up to you to actually do something about it. In an environment where you have dozens of websites - Stacksight considerably lowers the noise and allows you to concentrate. While it has some features which resemble to management panels, it is a complementary service to those services, and not a parallel one.