The marketplace of integrated WordPress and mobile apps

Stacks is a marketplace of systems, each system is a package of WordPress theme & Mobile Application connected together and managed from the same administration area.

With Stacks you can now have a package of integrated mobile application and WordPress Theme for just $27/month

Hey Product Hunt and thanks Chris for hunting us. :) TLDR; Stacks allows you to have a package of mobile application (Android & IOS) and WordPress Theme integrated with the same admin panel for your business for just 27$/month. This includes hosting services, maintenance, backups etc... You can also release unlimited versions of the mobile application for your customers anytime without the need for an agency to do it for you. We love product hunt community so we offer you 10% discount, just enter coupon code: prdhnt Details: For years, we have been working in the field of developing WordPress themes and submitting them to marketplaces so that the business owners can have proper online presence for an affordable price. However, there has always been a gap between what is happening in the market and what should really happen; mainly there are two main points that should be covered: 1- Online Presence doesn't only mean a theme or a website but it means the mobile application as well. If this is done by an agency, they will at least need more than 10,000 USD, which is a large number for Small and Medium Companies or for Business Owners who would like to build an MVP. 2- Most of the marketplaces do not offer SaaS Based systems; you need to take care of the server yourself including maintenance, upgrades, monitoring, backups and everything in between. This is a real hassle for business owners and time consuming for Agencies. Here comes the role of Stacks. Stacks is a marketplace of systems, each system is a package of WordPress theme & Mobile Application integrated together and managed from the same administration area. We created Stacks to enhance the life of the business owners by offering higher exposure to their brands for an Affordable Price and increase the customer satisfaction by offering the mobile application. The product is SaaS based model, so you can have your system ready without any need to waste time installing your website or finding a host, etc... All what you need to do is to click a button and care only about what really matters and leave the hassle for Stacks. You can also add whatever domain you like, all this starting at 27$/month. Currently we have two Systems in the Marketplace: Outlets for Shops "E-Commerce" and Plates for Restaurants. More to come soon. Since all the systems are based on WordPress then you gain all the Benefits of WordPress as well, you are totally free to add whatever plugin you like. There is also a “Try For Free” button, once you click on it a dedicated server will be opened for you to test for 3 Hours. There is no limit on the number of trials ;) We would love to hear your feedback and if you have any questions, we are here to help. We love product hunt community so we offer you 10% discount, just enter coupon code: prdhnt
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@bassam_tarek Congrats on launching! I would have loved to see a TLDR accompany this extensive write up. I think its helpful to assume not every potential customer will have the time to read through all of that.
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@abadesi Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion, TLDR added
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@bassam_tarek Hi Bassam, I understand you help business owners get website or mobile app. But how do you identify what companies will be needing your service ?
@shreyaa_ratra Hi Shreyaa, Any Company who is in need for a website (Online Presence) will have now larger opportunity to have both the website and the mobile app Many companies are using only themes and that's what we are enhancing If you are talking about the business scale: Startups, Small & Medium Scale companies will be interested in the project Currently we cover the E-Commerce "Retail" field as well as Restaurants & Cafes
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Great job!! 😊 Any discounts for us ?
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@ayush_chandra sure this is a 10% discount, just enter coupon code: prdhnt 😊
I find very few reasons why the majority of companies need a mobile app, as opposed to a responsive website. What does the mobile side of the package offer that a simple website doesn't?
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@pointandstare there are many features that can't be found in the responsive websites, For example: Push Notifications, Exposure of the App Store and Play Store, Not all the features that are available in the website is needed in the mobile application, the views and flow can be totally different between wbesite and mobile app and much more
@bassam_tarek You can add push notifications to websites, and, exposure on app stores? Well, we can debate that forever. But, looks like a great product for some businesses especially when starting up. I wish you luck with it.
Good Luck guys, nice idea :)
A very very cool idea. 1.) So how does it work in the back end? We access it via a normal wordpress back end and manage from there? Maybe you guys can have a video demo for us to see. And also perhapsthere a demo site we can visit? 2) And the shopping cart solution...via Woo Commerce。 3) How about disk space and bandwidth of your hosting. 4) On apps they will be published under your brand I assume, or? Thanks JS