Deploy & scale, without DevOps offers effortless deployments to AWS & DigitalOcean for developers who want to focus on building great apps instead of DevOps and awkward configs.
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Hello PH, I'd like to share a couple of lines on how Stackmate was made: As a small team of developers for 15+ years, we always found the last part of a project, the actual project deployment, very time-consuming & repetitive across apps. Mostly because we wanted to focus on polishing our apps and fix any last minute regression bugs, instead of SSHing and provisioning cloud instances. We wanted a turnkey solution that would just connect a GitHub repository and deploy the project to a couple of AWS EC2 instances with an RDS database and a load balancer. The solutions out there were either too complex or over-simplified which led us to roll out a solution of our own. One that would allow a developer to tweak the cloud infrastructure setup and deployment sequence, then release it to the public. As an initial launch offer, we provide a free subscription for 6 months to whoever registers until October 15th 2019. Please go ahead an ask me anything, happy to answer your questions.