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Stacklead is dead now! They were acqui-hired by LinkedIn... awesome for them, sad for us.
StackLead received some nice pre-YC Demo Day coverage on TechCrunch yesterday: It has similarities to the previously shared, ProfileIO ( cc @BrianCurliss.
StackLead is really onto something. They've add an API and webhook support since I first discovered them. But the real power is in the user-friendliness for non-tech people. They'll batch process spreadsheets and have a Google Sheets plugin as well. I realized how important this was when @ryandawidjan was struggling with FullContact's API. FullContact is built for developers—StackLead is built for BD folks and developers.
@rrhoover with all this look-a-likes popping up, it makes me think we are really on to something with ProfilesIO :)
Hey Product Hunters! Hope everyone's having a great weekend. I'm one of the co-founders of StackLead--feel free to reach out with any questions.