StackHut turns code into live APIs, powered by containers

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Hey guys, I'm one of the founders. Our goal is to let you deploy code to the cloud really simply, without worrying about servers and infrastructure. You write your code, a small config describing the stack you want (i.e. Fedora and Python), and the interface into your code (i.e. the functions you want exposed.) You type `stackhut deploy`, and it's live as a API that can be called through a POST request or RPC. In the backend, we spin up a new Docker container for every request to your service, so it can scale horizontally with no side effects. For instance, here is a service that which compresses a PDF: Here is the code that was `stackhut deploy`d: If you sign up for beta we'd love to walk you through deploying a service (we currently support Python and JS). Would love all thoughts and feedback here, or you can ping me at if you'd like to chat. Cheers!
@leoanthias @stackhut Are you supporting code written in any other languages yet?
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Hi Leo, That's look pretty cool, very simple and easy! Few questions: Is it just for one-time-running like requests (like converting formats or getting calc math equation)? Do I have any sandbox or some global running env, or is it all stateless? Can you give some more examples for using it? Good luck!
@shemag8 Thanks for your feedback Shem. Right now we are focusing on run-once immutable events, because that's the stuff we always needed to spin up servers for. This means we aren't handling state yet -- but it's something we are going to be doing soon (a shared state between all your apps probably). We're really open to change all this depending on what users want -- including adding long-running services which more resemble a traditional server. For more examples, are a few services already on the platform. You can play with them all on their respective pages (all of them are open source). will run you through installing the platform and building your own services. It would be super helpful to know what burning pain we could solve. What would your dream product, that you would use everyday, look like?
@leoanthias @shemag8 First- the painfull thing I thing already solved- the easy interface for publishing my API and debug it from remote. Second thing I might want is some analytics about the usage of my api, looks like it's missing, am I right?
@shemag8 Hey Shem. We currently have the first bit solved (FYI we are going to be offering stateful, persistent services in the next few days.) We don't have any public analytics available for APIs, but can definitely build it. Are you envisioning building a public API which will be consumed by your users, or building an internal API to be part of your infrastructure? Cheers