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This is a blatant clone of Webflow. More info here: I use Webflow daily. StackHive surfaced last week featuring much of Webflow's own landing page copy. Seems like they at least changed some wording around this week. Strange part is that Asian ripoffs are usually relegated to Asia, but this time around the entrepreneurs in question (at StackHive) are actually posting in the same channels as Webflow -- ProductHunt, to name one. Sorry to be a community bummer, but wanted to give people a heads up about naughty behavior :-/
@Shapiro Actually we have been around far before Webflow We went into a revamp phase where we worked mostly on the usability after getting a lot of feedback from our existing dockPHP users regarding how complicated it was to use and find things inside the interface.... We were incubated under RedGate Software in Cambridge, UK (one of the largest software companies) and won the SeedStars Singapore :)
@kshitizshankar Kshitiz... Indeed, you were around before Webflow -- as an entirely different product, website, and company! You pulled a 180 then cloned Webflow in the process. I once looked at DockPHP. I remember it being quite different. If you really want to go down this road, here's one-for-one proof of your cloning work: Discussion is over. You should be banned from Product Hunt.
@Shapiro UI Elements for all such platforms are common across all web development platforms! You can check out for similar UI as well. Whole point of StackHive is Live Coding and CSS Automation (same as dockPHP which is still live and you can check it out). And just to "end" the discussion, most of the UI of StackHive was inspired from Photoshop (which is almost same across all web design/dev tools).
Okay just tried out Stackhive - my quick few words for everyone who has been disappointed with the promise of a simple to use web editor: - This is the first one I've tried that enables the flexibility for developers to use a mixture of code and automated styling together, seamlessly shifting between the two. You want to add a div, use the editor, you want to place a gradient over an image and make sure it looks good across all devices - use the CSS style bar on the right. It works perfectly. - It also gives you that dream of being able to use firebug + inspect element combo to write your CSS. I haven't explored all their features yet - but it looks promising! And although there are a few minor bugs, the team has been very responsive and seems eager to make sure they're sorted out. Good luck @kshitizshankar!
Loving this website! Just tried it, really cool guys!
Abso-fucking-lutely love the website for this product. Amazing! As far as the product itself goes, I'm always wary of tools that say they can generate all complex stuff automatically etc. But this is just at first glance so I'm intrigued.
@dereckbreuning Thanks! :) The idea behind StackHive was to not generate complex code but to provide a visual interface of writing it. Also, since you can actually edit your code live and control every aspect of it, it brings the developer back into the driver seat...
@kshitizshankar yeah it looks really good. Thanks for replying.
Looks great. I will have to try it. Especially like that you can import existing projects. has been the most interesting new entrant I have seen, but this looks great.
@lekanb I spent a long time learning Macaw. I'm interested to know what the USP is here...why is StackHive better than Macaw?
@UXAndrew StackHive is a mixture of both a designer and developer tool. Our prime focus is to let a user design in HTML/CSS directly while keeping the option of live coding open (in case you want to touch up the code yourself or be in more control of it).. which in turn helped us in creating features like importing existing projects ...