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Sup y'all! Thought I'd share this with everyone would who would find this useful if you're an entrepreneur, designer, developer, and marketer. Launching a beta site, curated directory of tools, services, and other resources. I figured since my usual hobby is adding bookmarks and organizing the folders with quality products, services, and tools that I may use in the future I should create a very basic website for it. Would love to hear your feedback! (: Progress Update June 10th, 2017: - Adding descriptions - Re-organizing - Adding blog - Adding Productivity page with essential tools. - Contemplating on implementing Algolia search bar.
@davidsirii great idea and good collection of useful tools. Would be better if you added your comments / reviews against each - at least one-line description of why they are on your list.
@davidsirii this is awesome tho you probably just consumed a good part of my afternoon w this. Ty 👌
@gurcagdas @davidsirii Exactly. At least few words to describe each.
@kcucchia haha no problem! Glad you like it. Hope you find something you may like! ^__^
@csaba_kissi @gurcagdas Definitely will do! Currently looking in updating the descriptions and re-organizing (including the type of OS) hopefully finishing by the end of this month.
This looks really useful! There was s so much out there it's hard to keep track of it all! Thanks!
@rumble_ish you're welcome! I felt the same way too. Too much content for me to add in my bookmarks haha.
IS the site down?
@pravilz Hey Pravil! Thanks for the notice! Resolved the DNS settings and should be up in a few hours!
Nice job! Good realisation
I really like this product, it's amazing! If you have time, please upvote our product