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website is down with console giving following error: 503 Service Unavailable: Back-end server is at capacity
@exexzian Maybe a bad choice of stack? xD
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@aleattorium lol - that's a good question - once we have the makers this question is there for them :) @tlongren should add the makers
@exexzian Looks like Tutum folks have been added as makers.
@exexzian Appears to be up now.
@tlongren @exexzian Backup here as well. Pretty neat tool, used in past :) and when you're building up a MVP it's very very useful.
Apparently, the site has been hugged to death, can't access it.
I've been using tutum for a while now and I can tell you it is absolutely worth your time to check it out - stackfiles will show you just how easy it is to spin up several docker services from one file, with 90% compatibility with docker compose (probably higher now that they're owned by docker!) Cheers :)
@cohix Thanks! Yes, we'll be converging our stackfile yml with Docker's Compose format, so there will be 100% compatibility​.
Admittedly I'm not a developer so can't give fair insight into this! Would love to hear the story behind it though :)
@bentossell Having a hub to share code (GitHub) and images (Docker Hub) makes a ton of sense - but now with the ease of Docker and being able to quickly define your whole application stack using a simple .yml file, we wanted to give people a way to easily find and share their entire tech Stack and not just the individual components with tacked on instructions. We've also made it easy to embed and share your stack through your blog as well as included a simple one-click Deploy to Tutum button to make it even easier to quickly experiment and find what works for you.
Interesting place to get inspiration of how some tools can be combined together. However don't think that "stack" deployed on one machine in docker containers is suitable for production.
@svetlyak40wt We allow you to spin up multiple docker engines on whatever cloud provider you want. Within the stackfile.yml you can define your deployment strategy and number of containers for each service, so you can be sure your application is deployed in load-balanced and highly available fashion from the start.
@kickingthetv I see. Tutum is like swarm on steroids for thouse "sysadmins" who don't like console. Am I right?
@kickingthetv right now I'm looking the best way to deploy docker containers but don't want to lock on some closed source solution.
@svetlyak40wt Since we're now a part of Docker, I think we provide the least lock-in from any vendor with a managed service. We allow you to use most any cloud provider and if you want to migrate away from us, all you have to do is copy/paste your stackfile/compose file.