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#5 Product of the DayMay 20, 2020
Stacker lets you turn your Airtable into an application with login, lists, forms and buttons. It's ideal for creating customer portals, partner directories or a better interface for your team.
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Hi Product Hunt! Really excited to launch Stacker today to all of you. Stacker is a better interface for your Airtable. If you think of Airtable as your database then Stacker is the application layer that sits on top of it. We add permissions, a user interface and a business logic layer. The user interface includes forms, buttons, lists and fully customizable record pages. Some of our early customers have found use cases for Stacker in: - Customer portals - allowing their customers to see their own records and update key pieces of information. This has led to drastic reductions in support costs. - Onboarding process - collect information from your customers in a structured way and have it all saved directly into your Airtable. - Light CRMs - the best CRM for your business is the one that fits your business perfectly. Using Airtable to configure exactly the model you need combined with Stacker for exactly the interface you need makes a really great simple CRM. - Tracking anything - so many surprising use cases specific to individual businesses and organizations! The idea for this product started almost exactly a year ago. Since then we have been testing different ideas to come up with this product offering we have available today. Looking forward to hearing your feedback as you try the product out!
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@davyson seems great Sam, I will take a deeper look into it in the next few days and let you know!
I 😍Stacker! The missing piece in the Airtable jigsaw.
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Thanks @jonathan_gaunt , glad you're finding it useful!
Super simple, super powerful. Great product with a great team. I'm very impressed with Stacker and excited to witness their momentum and speed. I hope they can keep it up. Personally I've used it to launch a no-code ERP solution for a client that blew their (and my) minds. Sexy UI with strong use cases. All without a single line of code and for a shart price. Hello 2020!
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Great idea!
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We've been working with Stacker for some custom dev and client platforms and it's a really cool add on to Airtable. The team behind the product is great as well and always helped us when we needed.
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