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wow anyone tried this yet?
Hello everyone! I'm the founder of Stacker and I'm super happy to answer any questions you guys may have. Cheers!
Hi @dcosta_chris, just going through the setup process now. So far, I like the simplicity of your onboarding! Your entire site has a very Strikingly style to it, which I mean as a great compliment. They did a fantastic job of keeping the entire ecosystem simple, consistent and clean. Well done! Don't have anything up yet, so I was hoping you could talk a bit about your analytics. How much set-up is required, how much do you tell us? Is it data or suggestion based? I know you can't post to Instagram, but do you have plans to pull data from an account to keep analytics "in the family" of your site?
@thejulielogan thank you so much for the kind words, our Design team will be super excited (I know I am!!!) "How much set-up is required"---No setup required, simply connect your Facebook/Twitter account to Stacker, begin posting from Stacker and we do all the rest! "how much do you tell us? "---Our Analytics/Reports are super detailed and we've done our best to keep them really easy to read(think Google Analytics). We track Clicks, the number of Replies/Comments, Favorites/Likes, Reach/Impressions for Every post you send out. When it comes to Clicks(using shorteing) we track user location(City+Country), browser type, device type and even OS. We also track the growth of your fanbase over time on a per-hour basis. For Facebook Pages we pull in ALL the reporting data that Facebook gives you, so once you connect your pages to Stacker you dont need to (ever) open up Facebook's reporting tools! (Fan demographics,age,time online etc.) "Is it data or suggestion based?"---Data based "I know you can't post to Instagram, but do you have plans to pull data from an account to keep analytics "in the family" of your site?" ---We want to connect to as many social networks as we can. Instagram is unfortunately a closed Write API so we need to get the guys over there to give us access before we can connect into their system. We're trying to get access to the Google+ API right now (if anyone knows someone at Google who can help us with this I would be Super grateful!). The Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Profiles/Pages/Groups integrations are almost ready to go live! Thanks for the great questions! Please keep them coming in. Happy Sunday!
I was about to try for Twitter but it requires access to DMs. Don't really understand why but that's enough for me to go - eh, I'll pass.
@sanjay Thanks for checking it out. The only reason we ask for DM access is because we will eventually also pull in your Twitter DMs into your Stacker Universal Inbox. Our goal is to make it super easy for you to Reply to anyone who @mentions, @replies or DMs any of your Twitter accounts from one place.
@dcosta_chris probably not an issue for regular "corporate" use but I'd love to try this out with my personal account. Which is why I don't auth against services that suck down my DMs. I might just be an outlier. But I use Buffer for scheduling tweets - would love to try Stacker out and see if that's better especially since Buffer doesn't figure out the best times to post algorithmically. But again, that may just be me.
@dcosta_chris Hi, Chris. Thanks for jumping in here. I was hoping you could explain how Stacker is different from Buffer at a high level. I see there are some features unique to Stacker, such as the Universal Inbox and Tweetdeck integration. I was wondering how your vision differs from theirs and how that will shape the product roadmap in months to come. Also, what problem are you trying to solve that isn't available with current tools like buffer, hootsuite, sproutsocial, etc?
@eric3000 Thanks for the excellent question Eric! The very reason we developed Stacker is because I believe that Every message that comes in from a fan deserves a response. This can be text message or even a simple Like or Favorite. I find that too many brands today use Social Media only to mass market to their customers without really having a quality conversation with them. In a nutshell, the Inbox is really the core of what we want to achieve. The Outbox is there mainly because no one wants to log into 2 different places to Publish and Reply. All the products you mentioned are great products but none of them pull in all @mentions, all @replies and all Comments into one place and make it super easy for me to Reply. Most of them will simply show you a news feed, which you can get even if you log into your Facebook/Twitter account. If you open up your Inbox on Stacker we show you a big count on the top left. This is very much like the Mailbox Email app that I totally love. The count shows me that I have X items I need to respond to and I can archive them once complete, to reach Inbox-Zero (ie. my tasks are done for the day).
@dcosta_chris Thanks for elaborating, Chris. I think that is definitely a different value prop, even if it gives you the some overlap in features with other services. FYI - I'm not sure that's entirely clear from your landing page. You lead with publishing in your tag line and Universal inbox is the 3rd feature you mention. Some of those features are antes, so no doubt people are looking for them, but if Inbox is the killer feature, it should be made clear. Also curious about your pricing choices. Again, seems in line with other services. But where I scratch my head is 10 inbox actions per day on the free tier. If this is your value prop, why are you throttling it at this level? IMO - free tier should be able to be used day to day for the average person who doesn't need the power of paid tiers. Not sure you could use the free version as an average person if even a like counts against this limit. But you may have a different take on who should be able to use the free version vs. paid.
@eric3000 definitely food for thought, many thanks for the feedback, will review with the team!
@dcosta_chris - Website suggestion: Add actual product screenshots. When I'm looking at services like this it's a personal pet peeve of mine if there aren't actual product screenshots of what the product looks like before signing up and I usually end up abandoning. The stylized feature icons are great but screenshots! :) Just my two site design otherwise.
@bracco Thanks Mike, I appreciate the feedback! We've been back and forth internally on this one and we have have found that none of the big SaaS Cos seem to use product screenshots on their landing pages (Dropbox, Box, Asana,Zendesk,Desk). My guess is that not having the screenshots leads to a higher conversion rate. We may do some A/B testing down the line, but for the moment our visitor-to-user conversion rates seem to reflect that to be true!