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Coding questions pondered by an AI.

This question does not exist. This is what happens when you train a language model on a data dump of Stack Overflow. Click "Fresh Question" to load a new one.
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LOL, the "this X does not exist" meme keeps going further. @braddwyer, is the question and answer created entirely by AI?
@rrhoover it is! Just questions for now though, no answers. But generating answers is one of the things I want to try next
I tried to answer lol
Haha what if you post these questions through StackOverflow API? You'll crush brains of millions haha
I think that's why Elon Musk so worried about AI lol
@ok_samandar a friend cross posted one yesterday 🀭 It got a comment from one person and an answer from another. Nobody seemed to notice it was bot-generated. Does that mean it passed the Turing test?
I tried to answer.
I think my favorite thing so far is that it has learned to thank people in advance for their answers and provide relevant updates "edited in" at the end. Also that it seems to have actually picked up various programming language syntax and is able to associate specific programming languages with relevant non-code content! Example:!/que...