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Nikita Markov — Great Simple
Hey Product Hunters!
I’m excited to share Stack - stunning kit for app prototyping and design. Contains 120 awesome iOS app templates for Sketch and Photoshop.
The idea behind Stack is simple – we want to help designers save their time by using pre-made templates. You don’t need to waste your skills on routine, stop thinking about drawing pixels. We already did this - just focus on creative tasks or UX. You’ll find it useful in many cases - creating beautiful interactive prototype, using as starting point to design or building a working app, it’s up to you!

As a bonus we made free version for Craft Library where you can find the core if the kit. You just need Sketch and Craft Pugin by @invisionapp.

I’m very thankful for your attention, and as a small gift – take this 20% off discount: PRODUCTHUNT20. Use this coupon during checkout.

Take a look and try it for free:

Happy to get your feedback.

@robjama Thanks for the hunt, Robleh! 😉
Jimmy Amash — Designer. Developer. Dreamer.
Been looking for something like this for quite awhile now - it's interesting how difficult it is to find cohesive iOS kits with a simple Google search. Would love a "phase 2" that includes some Xcode direction/setup for the modules/elements. As a web dev that has recently started iOS development, I would love this.
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