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Smart browser for internet multitaskers

#4 Product of the WeekMay 05, 2020
Organize and manage your social media, messengers, emails, productivity apps or anything you wish from one place on a single screen. Navigate through Web efficiently. Stack by categories or projects and break free form old-fashioned tabs.
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👋🏻 Hi Hunters! It has been quite a ride since the launch of Stack2.0 last year. Your invaluable support and feedback throughout the intense period of self-isolation and remote work helped us set and achieve new goals for future development and now, here we are again… When I first launched Stack, it was this community of Hunters that led me and gave me the passion to pursue the mission of improving the way we interact with the internet. Then, there were over 30,000 Stackers sharing their challenges, exchanging ideas and giving the most critical feedback about the product that helped us craft the second version of Stack, effectively managing web applications. And today, the whole team and I are super excited to introduce to you Stack3.0 - the smartest browser for internet multitaskers for MacOS AND Windows! Please keep in mind that Stack is not a regular internet browser. Its major purpose is to separate your every-day web apps from less important web pages, organise them efficiently in one place and help you navigate through them faster than you would do with old-fashioned browsers. Major changes that you will see in Stack 3.0 are the following: 💻Stack for Windows - We used to run on MacOS Only. 👨🏽‍💻Stack PRO - Subscription based PRO version of Stack. 🌈Full Redesign of Sidebar - We have redesigned the main part of Stack UI making it more colourful and mobile. We now call it Spacebar Stack’s core features include: 🖥 Parallel Screen View - for efficient multitasking 📂 Stacks - to sort your apps by types or projects 🌐 Sync - to have your workspace across multiple devices 👻 Ghost Cards - to help you keep the clutter away 👀 Focus Mode - to stay concentrated ✨ Multiple Accounts - for those who manage social media for others Last but not least, we have also just published our blog on Medium, telling our story, our vision, who we are, what we do, and why we are doing it! Feel free to read it and give feedback on that as well. We're all really excited to share what we’ve been working on and we’d love to hear your thoughts to find what else you wish Stack to do for you - especially while you’re working remotely. We'll be around all day answering your questions. Thanks for your support 🙏
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Hi Hunters! Stack story is fully intertwined with Product Hunt! 18 months ago when we first uploaded the alpha version of Stack, the feedback we received from PH Community literally changed our lives. By that time Stack was our side-project. And today Stack is a fully functioning product of 8 full-time workers, that helps to increase productivity to 30K people worldwide. And with Stack 3.0 it is also available for the Windows. Although we are positioning it as a browser, currently it is more a very handy Web-application manager with browsing functionality. So it is not yet a Chrome Killer, but it will definitely help you off-load all your daily used applications from classical browsers, and keep them in one place organized. The one thing that we have learned so far, is that high quality critical feedback is the best thing we can get if we want to create a product that brings value to thousands of people. Therefore, please tell us what you think. Let us know what you like and what you would prefer to be different in Stack. We are all here to listen.
Hello Stack team! I was waiting for the Windows version for some time now. Finally from today on, I can use it with my work laptop. I can't wait to explore more. Thank you! 🙌 @abordvik you should check this one out
@abordvik @jernej Hey Jay, thank you for support. I hope you'll like Stack on your PC. let us know how it goes and what you think 🤗
Currently writing this from within Stack PRO. :) I think the product itself is far from where it needs to go, but I wanted to take a bet on the team and support you with a contribution. The #1 thing I hope we can improve is how much energy it uses. Stack is quite a resource hog, so it drains my battery like no other app. Not sure if this is because I have 4 spaces (and they're all active in the background) or what's going on, but this makes it really hard to use Stack without having the computer plugged in. I like the team, and you guys have my continued support. Nice to see the relaunch, and best of luck.
@hiramfromthechi Thanks for the genuine feedback! We are aware of this issue with CPU and are trying to find some workarounds. We already did some major updates which are connected to CPU usage. Spaces does't consume any CPU while not in use. As you have said we have some miles to go to the final product which we want to develop! Thanks so much for your support! It really really means a lot to us ! 🙂
Hi hunters! Major release of Stack 3.0 for Mac and Windows! During rough times of Coronavirus, we all are sitting at home going crazy, and we need apps like Stack to organize our workplace and be productive, so we overcome this together! Take a look, try it out, and give us some genuine feedback!