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Thanks @bramk for hunting Stack! Hi everyone! I’m Callum O’Connor and I’m really excited to present Stack 2.0 to you. We want to create a social network of reading - where it's easy to discover what influential and inspiring people are reading, and read it for yourself. Today, we've launched Stack 2.0: the ai-powered social news app. Stack makes it as easy as possible to discover and read new articles, to curate the articles that you think are worth reading, and for people to read what you’re reading. Version 2.0.0 brings you a host of new features with a focus on improved personalisation and connectivity: Personalised article & user suggestions - Stack now updates your preferences with each tap, swipe or scroll, so the more time you spend in the app the better we get to know what it is you like to read! Connect with your followers - as part of this release, we’ve made it possible to see how many people are reading the articles you stack, grow your following by sharing great articles that your followers will love. I look forward to hearing what you think and answering any questions you might have. Have a great day! Callum
@callumoconnor @bramk where are the articles coming from? I always wonder about the bias introduced by the availability of articles *in* the system.
@pupeno @bramk The articles in your feed come from a combination of social media and AI based on your interests, your interests are refined as you use the app.
will try now!
@damjanski Thanks! Did you try it? What did you think?
The adverts in between looks like part of the story.. here's a screenshot: (the TNW part here) Fix it!
@hammadnasir thanks for the feedback Hammad, this is certainly something we will take a look at.
Really enjoy the simple beauty of the design. Nice work! How would you say Stack compares to (or is different from) Nuzzel?
@jwby We see Stack as a social network of reading. Unlike Nuzzel, Stack gives you the chance to follow people so you can discover what they are reading and you can stack articles to share the stories you find interesting. Combined with the AI which provides personalized articles recommendations, Stack makes it easier to discover new and interesting pieces which you wouldn't have found otherwise.
@callumoconnor Thanks for the response - wishing you & your team the best!