Stack 1.0

Internet Launchpad for web-applications

Stack is the software that launches web-apps and boosts the productivity of web-users by allowing simultaneous use of multiple apps within an organised and immersive split-screen view.

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Hey there, hunters! Just released this internet launchpad for web-apps on mac. Please let me know your thoughts about it.
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There appears to be some very obvious upvote/comment/review manipulation happening here on this product. I could be wrong but I've been visiting Product Hunt for over 3 years now and this really stood out to me. EDIT: There is no doubt now for me that this is being manipulated after doing some basic checks on the users making reviews, comments and upvotes. What a pity that it has come to this. Question for @rrhoover . How can we as community members help to combat this before it becomes popular?
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@rrhoover @colinwinhall Unfortunately, it's been a problem for a while. I ran into a product a while ago where the votes were either 1) verbatim copies or 2) "wordspun" variants of one another. I also am now quite sure why this product is being hunted again, having just been hunted in July.
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Hello @colinwinhall @rrhoover I am sorry to read this. There are no upvote/comment/review manipulations happening. I just shared the ProductHunt link in my social channels and it got published by 2 big tech-media sources in Georgia, this is where the resonance is coming from. It is a shame and huge offense to me blaming me in manupulating votes here, given that I am a hunter for more than 3 years here and this is my 4th product on producthunt.
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@rrhoover @colinwinhall @etc We launched a totally new version of this product with tons of new features not only on ProductHunt but in general. We also launched new landing page. You can see the screens from our analytics here. We have a dramatic increase of new visitors.
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@rrhoover @colinwinhall : )) Calling this vote manipulation is a shame. The product was created by a team of Georgians. We posted on facebook that we have launched a totally new version of Stack, with the new landing page and also listed it on product hunt. The largest Georgian tech media with 200k followers posted it on their facebook. And it was not the only media who shared it. And none of those media called for the upvotes at producthunt, they just posted that a new browser was created by Georgians. So there is no vote manipulation. The votes here are from those who visited the link, liked the video/product and upvoted. Calling it a vote manipulation is a super unfair judgement.
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@rrhoover @colinwinhall @etc Hi Colin , Thanx for your honest review. We understand that it seems little bit strange to have so many upvotes for so little time, All of us in our team are native Georgians , so we have big community in Georgia. Personally I am owner of few small and big businesses in Georgia and have more then 3M active customers during year. We have good contacts and very active team, who was preparing to launch our product for several months now. Georgian media made several articles about us and we have big community of friends in Business, who mainly are considered to be our clients in future. I am founder of LiloMall and which is biggest mall in Georgia , it consists of 6000 shops where almost every one uses desktop computers during every day working process, so I have managed to give information about our product launch, which gave us boost. We have launched our product for general customers, not only for hunters. Hope it answers your questions. You can always check facts and not rely only on assumptions. Thanx
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Really good if you want to increase productivity!


Really clean and easy to use!


Just missing the possibility to open localhost as an custom app

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If you stack your apps by categories or by your usage patterns,

the stacks become like different screens with pre-open apps.

Great feature for multitasking!


The stacking feature serves as a great organising tool


Only for Mac?

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This is a great idea, a very nice app. Looking forward for the future improvements. Upvoted!
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