Tool for effectively converting videos to Gifs

An application that wraps some very useful, but not so user friendly FFmpeg comands to try and make a more effective gif than you can get from applications like Photoshop or services online.
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Looks awesome. But not for Windows? :(
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@niteshmanav hey Nitesh! Hopefully i can at some point, I want to make sure i can test a windows build well enough before putting one out, but its on my list ✌️
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Awesome product! I've been using Gifox for a while now. Quite frustrating. However this one is so simple and really effective! Great job! @jthawme
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@ankericious Thanks a lot! I'm really glad its useful
Isn't it astonishing how this is still a problem in 2019? I think about this every time I have to step into Photoshop and create a gif ... thank you for creating a solution to this problem!
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@ben_stanfield i totally agree! Gifs are so popular and the tools dont seem to reflect that. Glad it could help!
I like this ,Looking forward to the Windows version!
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Hey Product Hunt! Stacc is my latest tool side project, it is born out of the fact that on numerous occasions I have required a gif and found from seeing Giphy's engineering blog about some smart ways to create high quality gifs with FFmpeg. This could be tedious even for someone used to the command line, let alone friends who were designers that have never opened it, so I designed an electron app to give this command line a GUI to hopefully help with the process. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, its my first application but I learned a LOT while making it. ✌️
@jthawme I downloaded and it gets stuck on a screen and looks nothing like the above. Am I doing something wrong?
@quickdraw_46 Hey ! Really sorry about this its my stupid mistake with the frontend - thats a release from another project i contribute to. This should be the link to the downloads Thanks for catching that though, its fixed now
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