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Stabl is a platform which aggregates the best podcast discoveries.

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Heya! The creators of this app are friends of mine but aren't on Product Hunt yet. I'm posting this on their behalf... 🙂 "Hi! I’m one of the creators of Stabl and we made this app because we’re passionate about podcasts, and more specifically, we’re passionate about the context of how people listen to podcasts. More often than not, we found that most people are overwhelmed by the sheer choice of the stuff which exists out there - they find a store front with endless lists and reviews. With Stabl, we allow the user to choose the time they have available to listen; allow them to pick their favoured categories; and then our API provides a short list of amazing programmes as recommended by our long-standing community. We’re at the start of our journey but we hope to bring a refreshing perspective to the way people listen to podcasts. In the future, we also plan to bring some exciting media partners into the fold and add some amazing features which will make it an even richer experience. Sign up to our newsletter with weekly podcast recommendations from our community on our website: or get in touch: - thanks!"
@kazaroth @wearestabl @t55 Thank you James and Ton! We're super excited that we've released Stabl into the wider world. Lots of updates coming soon. For a bit more insight, please check out something I wrote on my Medium page: Happy podcasting! D