Rate friends, make cards, vote on athletes!

Staats is your personal trading card. It's like LinkedIn endorsements on steroids!
We've taken the idea: "What if I could make trading cards for my friends?" far beyond ideation, and we're excited to share our product with you all!
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Neat! Younger audience (than myself) might enjoy :)
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Hey Hunters! This is Staats. Thanks for your attention :) In the spirit of legendary anonymous messaging applications - Formspring, Sarahah, YOLO - Staats lets you send anonymous likes to your friends. Our app, however, centers around positivity and celebrating your best traits. It's also a utility. We created a card generator that lets you make any stat card you can dream up. Lastly, we host communities for major sports and entertainment, allowing the people to crowdsource ratings for their favourite athletes and artists. What I love most about Staats thus far? The inside jokes shared between friends, the American Ninja Warrior community becoming our first athletes featured on the app, and being a creative tool for lots of young users.
This is great love ideas like this ! Impressive that it's just you right?
@edisonjoao6871 Thanks! Just me developing, yes!