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What a relief from the typical meaningless networks. RT? Like? Pfff take a Staance if you have actual ideas.
I just came across this site and got hooked in a bit. Topics are submitted and then you can agree or disagree. Once you do that it shows the poll results and allow you to share your reasoning. Looks like a great place to share ideas and open conversations on important issues.
The design is flawless.
I browsed the site for about 30 seconds and now the sign up pop-up won't go away. Not a very cool initial experience :( I'm interested in the platform, having built something similar years ago, but not being able to read a single article or point without signing up is pretty frustrating.
@d2burke i agree with that, which is my staaaaaance. Can't really see the site or what's happening there with that full page overlay. sooo just do what I did. in Inspector just delete #login-overlay div :)
fwiw use Chrome Inspector to delete the #login-overlay div - can't really see what the site's about w/o doing that.