A very short & free custom URL shortener πŸ”—

ST.HT helps you quickly shorten long URLs and provides features like custom alias, password protection, detailed analytics, location & device targeting along with the option to add Facebook and other social media tracking pixels.
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Cool product but when I see the name, it first looked like SH.IT to me instead of ST.HT. Don't know if it is only me but that is the first thing that jumped out for me.
@parag_r Well, hard to unsee that :P
Hey, i liked the product, it would be even awesome to have a chrome plugin that instantly create this shorten link copied to the clipboard !
@choon_seng That is a good idea. We'll add it to our list of future updates. Thanks!
Hello PH, ST.HT is a very short custom URL shortener that provides a lot of useful features for free. The list of features includes: βˆ™ Custom URL alias βˆ™ Shorten multiple URLs βˆ™ Link expiration βˆ™ Password protection βˆ™ Location targeting βˆ™ Device targeting βˆ™ Link pages βˆ™ Tracking pixels In addition to this, ST.HT provides detailed link analytics and also has a Dark Mode πŸŒ—. We have also launched a companion Android app for it. For now, it provides basic features like password protection and shortened URL history. Please give it a try and let us know if you have any feature suggestions. Cheers! Mehul
Great product. Congrats on the launch !
Congrats on the launch it is a much needed product :)
@mateakofiloska Thanks Matea :)