SSML Editor

Making voice apps sound more human

SSML Editor is an easy-to-use visual editor to improve the speech output of voice applications (like Alexa or Google Assistant). Instead of writing SSML tags into your code you can tinker around with a WYSIWYG editor and export the final code once you're ready.

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Hi guys! I’m Alex, one of the maker of SSML Editor. As a VUI (Voice User Interface) Designer my goal is always to create the best user experience for voice applications (think of Alexa or the Google Assistant). We all know that these machines often sound, well, like machines and not natural. Although there is a solution to improve machine-spoken words out there: SSML tags. SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) is basically the CSS for VUI. Unfortunately, there is no visual and easy way to style your voice application: You have to use code to fine-tune your voice output and it is very frustrating and time-consuming to test your way through this tag-driven design process. To make our lifes easier we have built a visual editor for SSML tags! It’s like a WYSIWYG editor we all know from the web, MS Word or Google Docs. How does it work? Just paste in your sentence you want to improve, mark the words you want to optimize and select possible SSML tags. And the best: Listen directly to your sentence and experience how your changes influence the output - and adjust it further until you are good to go. To ease up implementation, you can view the SSML code, copy it and use it directly in your voice application. It’s as simple and easy as it sounds. For now we started with the most important SSML tags and with Amazon (AWS) Polly voices for US, GB and Germany. It works smoothly on FF and Chrome while still not optimised for Safari and smartphones. We will continue working on making our editor better and better. So please join the discussion and tell us what you think about our approach! Thanks and happy tagging, Alex
@deralekx Hi Alexander, the app looks promissing. Unfortunately I'm getting a 401 error when I try to change voice or language.
@samet_ym Hi! Thanks for the feedback. Glad you can... well... imagine that it could be useful for you. ;) I'm sorry to hear that you have an issue. It should work fine in Firefox & Chrome (at least for me). May I ask which Browser you used? Would really help to fix the issue. Thx again!
Been waiting for something like this! Extremely useful. Thanks for creating great tools for the voice community, @deralekx 👍
This is super rad!Thanks for the time and effort that you have put into this, I am looking forward to being able to use it on the go! It would be cool if you could also play snippets of the whole text if you were just making teeny changes, perhaps by playing just what is highlighted? ( if some thing was selected, if nothing is selected play the whole text? ) , Thanks again and I look forward to see how it develops from here. Is this ember?
@stenjen Hi Jennie! Thanks for reaching out! As far as I understand you want the possibility to listen to smaller parts of the voice output, e.g. some words instead of the whole input? That sounds like a pretty smart idea!!! 👍 I'll add it to our roadmap. Let's see if it's technically feasible. 😃 And yes, it's ember. If you're using our tool in a project feel free to throw us a short message. Would love to hear if it helps you get a better UX in a shorter time.
@deralekx Yes that's exactly what I mean, :) it would make, making small tweaks quick. Are you going to open source?
@stenjen Agreed! Will try to implement it. To be honest: We are not sure wether we want to open source it or not. For now it's just a playful "I have this problem and some others might as well. Let's try to build a solution for it and see what happens"-approach. ;)
@deralekx Let me know if you do decide to go open source I would be happy to help where I can.