SSL Alerts

Free service to send SSL certificate expiration alerts

SSL Alerts is a free service to send SSL certificate expiration alerts. It will send you an alert once the expiration is in less than 14 days and daily when there are less than 10 days left.

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Hey folks 👋 I have been busy working on for the past 40+ days to build a full-fledged "SSL health monitoring" turned into a "Website health monitoring" system. As I kept on building, I wondered why I am not launching fast. The thought of providing a great UX vs building MVP style was pulling me in different directions. So, I took the decision of separating the core idea out into a free tool. Over the weekend (10-11 Feb 2018), I finished it and now its ready to be used for everyone! It's a free tool but not a one that would go away. Its backed up by my upcoming product & actually uses its engine to send alerts ✌️ Look forward to you guys using it :)
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@ashfame great job building this! And good luck with validating the primary product!
@razgraf Thank you! :)
I get a bad incorrect data error.
@jiten Could you tell me the URL you entered?
@ashfame thanks. Works now.
Simple and useful! You should add a feature to warn you about Chrome’s Plan to Distrust Symantec Certificates:
@andresvelda That’s something I plan to add to my primary product among other things like vulnerability scanner ✌️
Great job !! 😊
Looks pretty neat and robust. Definately does the work for me with lean design and UI adopted
@aby Thank you :D