Multiplayer Tron in your terminal

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Zach LattaMaker@zachlatta · supreme overlord of hack club
Hey all! @maxwofford and I built this over the weekend in ~20 hours at BrickHacks II because we thought it'd be cool to try and build a multiplayer game that runs over SSH. To do this, we had to implement our own SSH server, which we used Go's wonderful ssh package for ( All the game and rendering logic is from scratch. Anyone with an SSH client (nearly any UNIX computer) can play in seconds by running the following command in terminal (without the $). $ ssh Apologies in advance for any latency issues. Server is in San Francisco and the game certainly isn't optimized for less than ideal network conditions. Source code: (code quality disclaimer: here be dragons)
Gorka Molero@gorkamolero · CPO, Blitz! Media
Hey Zach! Any way to run this with your friends, instead of globally?
Zach LattaMaker@zachlatta · supreme overlord of hack club
@gorkamolero Yeah, for sure. If you check out the "Running Your Own Copy" section in, there are instructions for compiling and running it locally :-). Just need Go installed. The other way to play with friends is to keep quitting and rejoining the main server at until you're all in the same game (game name is the generated name in the bottom right corner).
Gorka Molero@gorkamolero · CPO, Blitz! Media
@zachlatta Boom. Thanks
Moritz Kobrna@neuling2k · Developer & Co-Founder @die_antwort
wow! so simple and so cool!