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SSG has grown and continues to grow. Thanks @aleattorium @webhat for hunting SSG. If you want to learn, teach or Q&A with other cool startup founders and investors, please join us at ~ info at If you're not cool, then no need to join us. If you are not cool but want to learn to be cool, then join us. ;)
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Almost 4400 members on @ssgslack now!
@ssgslack 5000 soon.
6K+ members now.
Reached 6500 past week.
#ProductHuntReview: I've been part of SSG for almost 6 months (I think) and it's one of the few communities out there that really push for the success of the community individually, and as a whole. @charlesjo welcomed me in and has done nothing but helped me promote my work. I will forever be grateful for the everything that the community has done for me.
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@sethlouey Some people like you, we just know are gonna succeed anyway, so why not help you get there faster and we all learn from your success. :)
@charlesjo humble to read that. :)
@sethlouey Yellow Ant is awesome cc @vishwakk
@sethlouey @vishwakk YellowAnt made tweeting from Slack so easy that I want YellowAnt everywhere and be the integration tool for everything :)
@charlesjo @sethlouey Thank you Charles! We're continuously adding integrations at we're working hard to make the YellowAnt your favorite bot!
Testing Kanvz as an SSG community tool.
Request for features on Kanvz created in
I actually use many of the products I've found from fellow SSG members! Amazing community.
@thisischrisbell It'll get more exciting as we get more elite designers and developers who can make things happen in real time. Early on, a few members were able to take an idea during morning coffee and we were testing a live during lunch time.
The idea that a group can be free to access, to get in or out took my attention in times when Slack has become IRC 2.0 :)
@aleattorium Thanks for posting I know @charlesjo would love it!
@webhat @aleattorium I do love it.