SSB World

Super Smash Bros eSports player & stats platform

SSB World is a platform for competitive Super Smash Bros. eSports players to collect tournament matches and compile advanced stats through our collected proprietary data. The site is run on UGC via the eSports gaming community.

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Hey Everyone, SSB World launched on February 10th and since that time we've seen great growth. This is a community run platform that relies on UGC. We've had 10,000 videos submitted by the community since launch and in the process we collect a ton of data about the players, characters, stages and matchup in Super Smash Bros. Smash is an emerging game in eSports and we hope a platform like ours can accelerate it's growth and help it get further exposure. Our initial traction has been great with over 2,000 registered users. The most important question is: Who do you main in Smash?