Your children will beg to do their homework. Pinky promise.

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Hey guys, Corinna from Squla checking in! I joined Squla 3 months back and am leading our expansion strategy. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a wee bit nervous, but here goes nothing :) A little context: We have finally burst at our seams after launching in the Netherlands 7 years ago and have become a major hit with teachers, parents, and most importantly --- children (their words, not ours). So the next chapter for Squla reads, "Where do we go next?" In traditional Squla fashion, we're letting parents vote, shape the final product, and help us decide where we're going to launch next (and make learning fun) this year. Can you tell we like games? I am happy to hang around, chat, and field any questions so fire away (and please play nice)!
Vote for England did not work. I ended up voting of Germany...:-(
@vincentbir Whoops! Good catch. We added England and updated your vote. Thanks :)