Squirrly SPY

All the data you need to outrank your competitors

Squirrly SPY helps you expose your competitors’ best-kept secrets in terms of ranking strategy, keywords, content, and website architecture.

đź“Š Critical data you need to outrank your competition - at your fingertips .
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Florin Muresan
Insanely Great. Marketing Software
Hello, Product Hunters! It’s a great day to launch! I’m excited to be here today and show you around our new tool that will expose some of your competitors’ best-kept SEO secrets. It has a cool name, we think: SPY. Squirrly SPY. See features here: https://www.squirrly.co/seo/spy/... But what’s even cooler is what it helps you do. What it basically does is: it uncovers essential details about any competitor you choose and compiles it into a single report (read: less time jumping between spreadsheets and more time analyzing what the data tells you). The report lets you see all the main elements that make up your competitor’s SEO success (or failure). I’m talking things like: 1. Ranking strategy; 2. Keywords; 3. Content; 4. Website architecture; 5. Social media presence; 6. And more. These are all things that expert SEOs and content marketing analysts look at when studying a site to determine SEO shortcomings and identify new opportunities to improve. By studying the report, you’ll learn what are your competition’s main strengths and weaknesses. You’ll know what they focus on and what strategies they employ - so you’ll figure out new opportunities to rise above them. You’re getting an unfair advantage over your competition, all done in a completely ethical way. I’m going to briefly go into what type of information you can access within the report. Keywords This was one of the main requests that kept popping up in conversations we had with site owners and Squirrly users. They wanted to know which are the SEO keywords that their main competitors are using to outrank them and understand where their traffic is coming from. So, we made that a central part of the report. 1. Content With Squirrly SPY, you can peek over a competitor’s shoulder to see their content, study their titles and note what things get repeated. Plus, you get valuable insight into what type of content gets the most backlinks. 2. Backlinks Inside the report, you can see the domains that link to your competitors and identify new link-building opportunities 3. Website Architecture By looking at the data provided inside the Squirrly SPY report, you can see how your competitors organize content to set their sites up for SEO success. This type of data is great for establishing parent and child page hierarchy as well as discovering any potential product or content gaps. 4. Social Media presence You can see if your competitors focus on social media to reach their audience or if they ignore this channel. If so, maybe you can gain the upper hand and score more points than your competition using this marketing channel. Squirrly SPY is out now. See our Launch Day Special As a Launch Day Special, you can get one Squirrly SPY report for your site and one for a competitor’s site. That’s 2 full reports for the price of 1. See how you measure up against your competitors. https://www.squirrly.co/seo/spy/... You can also download a DEMO report to get a better sense of how the report is organized and the type of data it provides. ******************* Note! Once you purchase your Squirrly SPY report, it will take about 24 hours to generate and compile all the information. Because the data is so complex and we organize it for you, we can’t just snap a finger and give you the report (but that would be awesome). I just wanted to give you a heads-up about that.
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Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡
Growth Marketing / Product Marketing
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I have been looking for this kind of tool.
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Bansini DoshiBusiness, Cinema, Tech Student at USC
Not sure if there are other products like this on the market, but the report seems quite useful!
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