Focus Pages maps the road to Search Engine Success via clear checks that are relevant to how Search Engines work today. For every page you want to rank, the system outlines specific actions you need to take to get it to rank higher in SERP. It's that easy.
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Hello, everyone! 👋 Thank you for checking us out on Product Hunt! I’m glad to be the one to introduce you to what we think is the new way of doing SEO for your WordPress site (yes, Focus Pages is reserved for WordPress sites). Honestly, it's not easy to take something that has never been done before and present it in a few words. But here goes. 🎯 Focus Pages provides a case-by-case framework to systematically rank your pages. In Squirrly SEO, you can do everything from Keyword Research and building a keyword portfolio to on-page optimization and ensuring all the right SEO settings are in place for different post types (via Bulk SEO Settings). You can also monitor your site’s performance via the weekly Website Performance Audit. You have all your bases covered, really. With Focus Pages, we wanted to take things to the next level and bring together ALL the pieces of the SEO puzzle with ONE powerful solution. Focus Pages is at the core of the new Squirrly. It’s our way to provide not only the best tools - but also the best way to use them to build and manage successful SEO strategies. The Focus Pages system is like a GPS that shows you what “turns” to take, when to change lanes and when to hit the gas so that you can reach Higher Rankings. For every one of the pages you want to rank. 👉 EAGER TO TRY IT? PLAY A SPECIAL GAME FOR A CHANCE TO GET A SQUIRRLY SEO PRO ACCOUNT FOR FREE. I had people tell me that before Focus Pages, they felt like they were stumbling in the dark trying to rank their WordPress sites (not knowing where to focus their efforts and what their next steps should be). And that with Focus Pages, they’re finally making progress, because they have a checklist of things to do and can see the needle moving in the right direction. That’s why we built this - to make sure that everyone, regardless of their level of SEO expertise can follow clear methods to go from Never Found to Always Found on the 1st page of Google. Ok, so how does this work? 📌 Work on Tasks to Turn RED Elements into Green and reach Better Rankings The entire Focus Pages section is dedicated to ranking your money-makers, those pages in your WordPress site that you most want to rank - be them landing pages, articles or product pages. For every page you designate as a Focus Page, the system will begin analyzing it by looking at it the same way Google’s algorithms look at it. Then, it will zoom in on all the tasks that you need to work on to improve rankings (for that particular page). You’ll get: ✅ Clear next steps and actions to score relevant SEO wins (based on exact ranking factors); ⚠️ Notifications on problems that are stopping you from reaching the 1st Page of Google (with detailed instructions on how to solve them) 🎮 A gamified experience for working on tasks. Red is for signaling problems and Green is to cue your wins. The end goal is to turn everything green inside the Focus Pages section. By following the instructions provided by Focus Pages, you’ll end up tweaking over 54 ranking factors that Google takes account and rank how Google wants you to rank. To help you solve tasks, Focus Pages will walk you through all the major tools included in Squirrly SEO. But only when it makes sense and where it makes sense. This is the easiest, most guided way to do SEO for your WP site. No other plugin provides this level of guidance and assistance. Plus When you install Squirrly, you can start a 14-Days Journey to better rankings. It’s an experience we created to help users build up their SEO knowledge and improve their rankings. 🎁 LAUNCH DAY EXCLUSIVE (EXPIRES IN 24 HOURS) 👉Play a special game that we prepared for you for a chance to get a Squirrly SEO PRO account for FREE. Put Focus Pages to the test and discover every feature from Squirrly. More details here: **************************** Squirrly SEO is ready for you to test it out. We’re all excited to hear your thoughts on it. 😃 Looking forward to answering your questions as well.
What’s the biggest difference between squirrly and some of the big seo tools out there, like SEMrush, for example?
@andreea_elisabeta_muresan_leau First off, thanks for being a part of the launch. 😊 To answer your question, SEMrush doesn’t have anything that even resembles the Focus Pages system. This is an innovation you’ll only find in Squirrly SEO. At the moment, there is NO other SEO platform in the world to tell you what Google looks for or what its big checklists are when determining whether a page should be displayed in organic Search Results – and on which position. There are other things that make Squirrly stand out, but Focus Pages is definitely the one to start with. We actually have an article on our blog that goes into a bit more detail about the main differences between Squirrly SEO and SEMrush, if you care to take a look.