Squirrly 2018

Get on page 1 of Google search results


Squirrly 2018 guides non-SEO experts every step of the way and offers a wide variety of tools to help you rank higher in Google.

One of the links on the right is for the WP plugin. The other one is for the Web Application.

There are over 200 features available to keep you ranking, more here.

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Scott Johnson
Calin Vingan
Joshua Jarvis
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  • Tanya Troska
    Tanya TroskaOwner, Back2Basics Digital Marketing

    Easy to setup and implement within minutes. The instant feedback makes content writing a strategic breeze!


    I'd like to see compensatory feedback on the use of "like phrasing" or synonyms or custom image use on general meta.

    I love the number of SEO tasks this one application tackles; replacing the need for other multiple installs, yet it's not heavy - no negative effects on site speed. I'd like to see 4040 error & 301 redirect added, page schema injection tools, or suggestedpage linking opportunities in upcoming buildouts.

    Tanya Troska has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Great general suggestions


    Sorry, but "get on page 1 of google" - no one can claim this so false advertising.

    I actually think Squirrly is a great tool for novices and pros alike (who need reminders), but the SEO industry is already full of misleading information. So for that reason I decided to put in a non-positive, review.

    Joshua Jarvis has used this product for one year.