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The ultimate bucket list and budgeting app

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Very cool concept!! How do you match the prices with the things you could find to do and add to your bucket list?
@cemedericarak Hey Cem! Every item you can add and edit a price $ value :-) Each item has a URL field making it easy to reference where your got the quote price. If a price is incorrect, you can always add the bucket to your own list and change it :-) We're working on creating some incredible buckets over the next few weeks with suppliers to go into the discover feed
Looks cool, would love to use this. Do you plan on releasing it in the European and American app store? Edit: nevermind, didn't notice it was targetted to Australia :)
@falkoj hey falko we just went international this morning! www.squirrelapp.com.au/download
Guys! It's now live internationally ! :D Available in USA, Europe and 85 other countries! www.squirrelapp.com.au/download
@lachlan_nicolson can't find it in the Belgian app store. It's probably still rolling out?
@falkoj Yep just went live so might take a few hours to index into the store :-) Just double checked we are available there. Keep checking back! Or try this link see if it redirects you directly: https://appsto.re/au/89Oygb.i
@lachlan_nicolson awesome. That links works! 😃 thanks