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Hi Product Hunters! Thank you @justinkan for hunting us! We've been working really hard and are excited to share what we've built. We built Squire to improve the experience of finding a barber and getting a haircut. On our platform you can discover the best barbershops in your city, book an appointment and then seamlessly pay and tip. In addition, we built a management system for barbers and shop owners to effectively run their business and get new customers. Hunters can try out the app and get $5 off their first service. Just download the iOS app and use promo code HUNTERS. Happy to answer any questions or recommend a good barber if you're in NYC, the Bay Area, Miami or Detroit.
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@songe_laron Cool idea. How are you finding/onboarding new barbers? I'd imagine that's the biggest challenge. Also, do you/the team have experience working in barber shops?
Loved using this service - got the best cut and shave in years
I have used Squire in NYC -- I booked the first cut of the day at a shop a few weeks ago and the owner of the shop texted me personally to let me know he was running a bit late, and we seamlessly rescheduled for a bit later. Awesome experience, especially if you are new to a city and looking to find the best place and price for a cut. The barber also told me shops love Squire because they charge a flat fee per booking, not a commission like some of their competitors. Good luck, @songe_laron!
@camero_n Thanks for the support Cameron and I'm glad you enjoyed your experience.
Finally a product that solves one of the eternal struggles in a man's life - getting a fresh cut! Can't wait til Squire's in LA! πŸ’Œ
@foolywk we are coming soon.
Looks good! Have thought about this a lot since I think many barbers could use better scheduling tools (I have to text mine and he sometimes forgets and double books). Definitely could use this when in new cities and in need of a shape up. Wondering if barbers can use this independently and come to you (as opposed to having to go to the barbershop)?
@frankdenbow Thanks Frank! A lot of barbers use text and it's really not an efficient way to schedule (requires too much back and forth and they inevitably double book sometimes). Right now we are sticking to barbers who work in shops.