The pen is a mighty sword

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Hi all! Every time we post a new product to PH it's always received with a lot of love and positivity. Thank you for that. This product is a special release for us. We're heading into an entirely new (but very much related) product category. It took us 14 months to design and prototype this bad boy. We hope you dig it, and, as always, feel free to ask questions. Thanks!
@joeycofone looks cool. Aluminum body. What's the actual ink cartridge? Is it a ballpoint?
@jfilcik Glad you like it! The Squire uses a Baron Fig Parker-style 0.6mm fine capless rollerball refill. I described it to someone in the comments as, "It writes just right (say that ten times fast)—the Squire glides over the page, no skipping, and the ink is dark and legible while still drying quickly." It's very much an enjoyable experience. Hope that helps!
@joeycofone looks super cool joey!
I use my Confidant notebook every day, looking forward to adding another Baron Fig product to my arsenal. Can't wait to get my hands on the Squire, thanks for making it!
@howillia Hayden, thanks for the love! I'm glad the Confidant serves you well.
I also use my Confidant notebook every day, which is getting full fast, and can't wait to check this new pen out. Great job guys, continue innovating.
@s2mmy2 Sammy, glad to hear it! Thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated.
@s2mmy2 Thanks Sammy! Really appreciate it, we're super excited getting the pen out there!
Does the ink smear when used by lefties?
@brandoncarte Good Q! We just tested it, looks like you're all set. The rollerball we're using has ink that drys fast. Hope that helps!
Beautiful pen, guys! This is going on my holiday wish list.
@leilabanijamali Right on! (Keep in mind it's only on Kickstarter for 30 days!)