SQUID User Flow Kit

Create user flows & diagrams in Sketch & Figma

SQUID 2.0 User Flow Kit is the Library for Sketch & Figma.
Create User Flows and other diagrams quickly πŸš€. All components may be 🎨 styled within seconds to match your brand.
All components use shared styles and smart resizing constraints.
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Hi Product Hunters! Thalion from UXMisfit.com here. I am thrilled to announce that my first "big" design resource just received major update to the new version. SQUID 2.0 User Flow Kit is the Library for Sketch and Figma. It helps with multiple UX diagrams creation:
  • User Flows
  • Wireflows
  • UML Diagrams,
  • Process mapping,
  • Site Maps,
  • Mind Maps
  • Journey Maps
  • and even more...
The key goal of πŸ™ SQUID is to give you power to create Diagrams quickly πŸš€ and style 🎨 it to look as a part of your project or brand. πŸ‘‹ Official website πŸ’Ž Preview in Sketch 🎨 Preview in Figma Core Features:
  • 500+ Components for User Flows
  • 216 Flows in various types
  • 180+ Customizable Styles
  • 128 UI Template (Web, Mobile, Wearable)
  • Fully Resizable Elements
  • Smart Layout
  • Prepared for Wireflows
  • User Flows created in Minutes
  • Sketch & Figma
Hope you will like it! P.S. For PH community there is a special 🎁 gift 20% discount for SQUID 2.0. Just enter PH20 code in purchase form or use this link: πŸ‘‰ Get SQUID 20% off 🎁 Feel free to ask me anything related to SQUID User Flow Kit and UX/UI Resources! πŸ˜€ Enjoy! ❀️
Thanks for the update @thalion_pb, congrats and I'll keep using Squid for most of my flows πŸ‘
@learnuxio Thanks a lot Greg! I really appreciate that! πŸ™
Why do I have to pay another price for this version when I already paid the previous one?
@myopic_worm Thanks for the comment! We all pay for our design tools from time to time (renew license or pay monthly/yearly subscription). ;) The first version of SQUID was launched 3 years ago and updated (for free) for a couple of times. Version 2.0 was build from the ground and required quite big amount of time to complete everything. However, if you are the owner of first edition of SQUID check your Gumroad Library - you will find a special coupon with discount for version 2.0. :) If you would like to get all resources and all updates you may join to UX Misfit Tools Ultimate Access Membership. I hope this clarifies all things :)