SQUID for Sketch

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The UX Flow Toolkit for Sketch from the Author of UXMisfit.com

Core Features:

- Customizable Styles

- 56 Connection Types

- 50+ UI Templates (Mobile + Web)

- Fully Resizable Elements

- 7 Gesture Visualizations

- Perfect for Mockups Designed in 1x

- User Flows created in Minutes

- Ready to be used as Sketch Library

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    Roman KamushkenProduct Designer

    I can see poor elements naming even on the screenshot



    One more ux flow chart product. what's new there?

    Roman Kamushken has never used this product.


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AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
Thanks for hunting @thalion_pb please tell us more about this project, when did you start working on it? 🙂
ThalionMaker@thalion_pb · UXMisfit.com Author, UX/UI Designer
@abadesi Thanks, SQUID is the product that I have been thinking from almost half of the year. As the UX/UI Designer working on multiple projects I was looking for the toolkit that will speed up the process of User/UX Flows creation. I also wanted it to be elegant from the ground but also customizable (to match the brand guide of the project). I also needed some additional elements like screen templates or basic interaction symbols. At the beginning, I was looking for some flow templates in the market, but finally decided to create the one that will match all the requirements. This is how SQUID was born. 🙂 It helps me in my daily work and I believe that it will also help other designers.
Alex@nyalex · Founder, Refersion
Going to give this a try, but I have to say that I am having a difficult time understanding what I am will be getting. Would be helpful if perhaps screenshots were shown detailing the elements one can expect in the Sketch file.
ThalionMaker@thalion_pb · UXMisfit.com Author, UX/UI Designer
@nyalex Thanks for your feedback. SQUID website (http://uxmisfit.com/squid/) include sample screenshots. There is also an article on Medium with some tips also on using SQUID (https://blog.prototypr.io/user-f...). This is the first version on the UI Flow Template. I am planning to enhance it in time, so if you have some suggestion feel free to write me an email. Thanks!
Greg Rog@learnuxio · **Idea Architect** @ learnux.io
At first I wasn't sure how this project is supposed to help with workflow, but article on Medium was very useful here. You're saying that you're planning to enhance in time - anything particular in mind?
Paul Bennett@mrpbennett
I recently purchased Squid, I happen to like it a lot. By no means am I a product manager / designer / UX guru. For my needs in sketch this is great I am more than likely only scratching the surface, but what you have come up with so far is good. Works well with the runner plugin also making the elements easy to find.