SQUID for Sketch

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The UX Flow Toolkit for Sketch from the Author of UXMisfit.com

Core Features:

- Customizable Styles

- 56 Connection Types

- 50+ UI Templates (Mobile + Web)

- Fully Resizable Elements

- 7 Gesture Visualizations

- Perfect for Mockups Designed in 1x

- User Flows created in Minutes

- Ready to be used as Sketch Library

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  • Roman KamushkenProduct Designer

    I can see poor elements naming even on the screenshot



    One more ux flow chart product. what's new there?

    Roman Kamushken has never used this product.


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Abadesi@abadesi · 🙋🏽‍♀️ Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
Thanks for hunting @thalion_pb please tell us more about this project, when did you start working on it? 🙂
ThalionMaker@thalion_pb · UXMisfit.com Author, UX/UI Designer
@abadesi Thanks, SQUID is the product that I have been thinking from almost half of the year. As the UX/UI Designer working on multiple projects I was looking for the toolkit that will speed up the process of User/UX Flows creation. I also wanted it to be elegant from the ground but also customizable (to match the brand guide of the project). I also needed some additional elements like screen templates or basic interaction symbols. At the beginning, I was looking for some flow templates in the market, but finally decided to create the one that will match all the requirements. This is how SQUID was born. 🙂 It helps me in my daily work and I believe that it will also help other designers.
Greg Rog@learnuxio · **Idea Architect** @ learnux.io
At first I wasn't sure how this project is supposed to help with workflow, but article on Medium was very useful here. You're saying that you're planning to enhance in time - anything particular in mind?
Alex@nyalex · Founder, Refersion
Going to give this a try, but I have to say that I am having a difficult time understanding what I am will be getting. Would be helpful if perhaps screenshots were shown detailing the elements one can expect in the Sketch file.
ThalionMaker@thalion_pb · UXMisfit.com Author, UX/UI Designer
@nyalex Thanks for your feedback. SQUID website (http://uxmisfit.com/squid/) include sample screenshots. There is also an article on Medium with some tips also on using SQUID (https://blog.prototypr.io/user-f...). This is the first version on the UI Flow Template. I am planning to enhance it in time, so if you have some suggestion feel free to write me an email. Thanks!