Squeak Voice Changer

Make your friends laugh with this voice changer

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Squeak Voice Changer is an easy, fun way to change and share your voice. Simply record your voice, apply a filter and save it for yourself or share it with your friends.
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Chris Halaska
Chris HalaskaMaker@chalaska
This is my first side-project where I wanted to ship a fun app with a great UX, please let me know any feedback you have as I have plans to keep improving!
Francis Cajalne
Francis Cajalne@francis_cajalne
@chalaska I really like the UI! Did you create the characters yourself?
Chris Halaska
Chris HalaskaMaker@chalaska
@francis_cajalne Thanks! I created the UI and had the illustrations done by a friend :)
Chris Halaska
Chris HalaskaMaker@chalaska
@francis_cajalne The illustrations were done by Kaiyee Tay - https://www.kaiyeejelly.com/
Hameem@qhameem · Software Engineer
I don’t use Android but the UX looks amazing from the screenshot. Just curious, what language/framework did you use to make this app?
Cassie Wilson
Cassie WilsonMaker@drboo · Mobile Developer (Android & iOS)
@qhameem This is a native Android app written in Kotlin and C++. The UI is native elements with some custom code to make the interactions work just the way we want.
Sierra Pope
Sierra Pope@sierra_pope · hey
makes me laugh so much
Chris Halaska
Chris HalaskaMaker@chalaska
@sierra_pope I'm glad you like it :)
Justin Finkelstein
Justin Finkelstein@justinfinkel
Ditto on really liking the UI. I would try the IPhone app if you go that way.
Chris Halaska
Chris HalaskaMaker@chalaska
@justinfinkel Thanks! I'll be looking at iOS if this gets any traction, hard to justify the cost of getting it built until I have some return on investment