The first Tweet to video tool

#5 Product of the DayNovember 11, 2019
The first Tweet to video tool | Squawk.dev
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Hey Product Hunt! Super excited to launch my first product, Squawk. Squawk will turn your Tweets into engaging videos for sharing on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The idea for Squawk came from seeing Gary V share videos of Tweets on his Instagram and LinkedIn pages. These videos make it look like the Tweet is being typed out in real time. These posts consistently get a lot of engagement and definitely play to the social media platform algorithms. I made Squawk as easy to use as possible, just input the URL of a Tweet and wait about 30 seconds for your video. Benefits of Squawk: + 35% more engagement on Instagram/Facebook + 40% cheaper cost-per-click on ads + You can actually share video Tweets (previously I would screen record and this is a real pain) + Easy content repurposing + Let people know you're on Twitter. People who already follow you on Instagram or LinkedIn are 12x more likely to follow you on Twitter (compared with the general public) Current gotcha: - No support yet for emojis - they will be automatically removed from your Tweet There is a free watermarked version, or you can pay $1/video or $9/month for unlimited, non-watermarked videos. I'm using https://floom.app to handle user management, billing, and subscriptions. For everyone that is paying for a subscription, just drop me a message in the chat and I'll refund 100% of your first month's payment. I'm relatively new to the game and I would love any feedback. I have a couple of features lined up (dark mode, supporting threads, video intro/outro) and I'm looking to prioritize based on user requests. Edit: Dark mode now available!
@robmoore Congrats on the launch, looks like a great social tool - very excited to see Floom expanding too
@petewht thanks so much :)
@robmoore - I think this product has legs and the pricing is spot on... excited to try it out!
@andelyons thank you for the kind words :)
@robmoore Where is the free version, couldn't see it. Let me check it again.
This will easily get old and saturated once everyone starts using this
@john7 hey let's be positive :), we never know how the market responds
@john7 typing text isn't the only use case. Squawk also works perfectly for Tweets with GIFs or videos
Hey, great stuff. At first when I saw the $1 per Tweet To Video I was like naah, but then I accidentally clicked on the Plan button and was more convinced. I'd try to highlight the $9 plan somewhere right away next to $1 option.
Pretty neat. We use Anchor and similar tools to create video clips for podcast audio snippets and they perform well on social. Fun to see this way of animating written content. I could see it being a great way to re-share viral tweets and quotes. One thing I'll say is that I'd never heard of Floom as a payment processor before so the signup process felt like I was taking a risk. It would be nice to have a checkout flow I recognise e.g. Stripe or PayPal.
Hi @abadesi - Thanks for the feedback! I'm actually the Founder behind Floom.app- it's new but I'm hoping to make it more familiar, especially within the PH community πŸ™‚ I'm building Floom to make launching products really really easy. For instance, with Squawk, it's a simple script running on AWS Lambda - I can put the API Gateway endpoint on Floom, name a price, upload a couple of preview videos, and start selling immediately. No need to deal with all of the admin stuff involved with starting a SaaS company (payment processing, subscriptions, user management, etc.). More info here for those interested: https://floom.app/launch, I'm actively looking for developers and a handful of quality products to join a private seller beta. Also, RE video clips for podcast snippets, I'm one of the owners at https://wavve.co. I won't drop into a sales pitch, but it offers a lot more customization options and is super easy to use. Let me know if you want a free premium account for the Product Hunt podcast πŸ™‚
it's a little bit difficult to find the free option, but other than that, I think it's a great little app.
thanks @david_jones6 ! I'll update the UI in a bit to make it more clear