Sign blockchain transactions with just an email and password

Squarelink is the first access tool for blockchain apps and services that enables users to securely recover lost private keys. Users can sign up, sign in, and sign transactions using just an email and password - without a server ever touching a private key.

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Great one @alex_patin The success of Dapps depends on APIS like this. I have also featured Squarelink on Steemhunt: https://steemhunt.com/@ogochukwu... I have also followed your Medium Blog. Great Job
@that_ogochukwu Thanks for the support! If you wind up using Squarelink in your own app or dapp, I'd love to hear about how you're using it.
Excited to announce the launch of Squarelink! We're driving mass adoption of blockchain via our private key recovery innovations. You can build Squarelink into your dapp today!