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Hey, everyone! Founder here. We made Squareknot to make it easier for everyone to do new things. Squareknot works almost like GitHub for stuff you can do - guides branch off of each other and off and off and off forever. It's super crazy fun. Other decent analogies include flow charts and choose-your-own-adventure books. We've also spent an insane amount of time on the design and implementation of our guides. We felt like we could use software to actually help people do things that they couldn't do before - so we made sure Squareknot was free of distracting elements. Clear rows keep you focused on the step you're doing. Cool little implementation detail: Squareknot only shows you branches for one step at a time, limiting choice overload. Happy to answer any questions you've got about Squareknot. Fire away!
Congrats on the launch @goldenchaos. Love that it's not just another "how-to" site. The ability to branch and comment on steps is great. I'm really interested to see how people will use the branching, especially for food-related items. There are already some good examples of how you can start with one recipe, get to a certain point, and then branch off to create a completely different dish. I could see people using this to create a "genome project" of sorts to show how different types of dishes are related. Great work.
@chuise yes! And the massive potential to visualize the tree in tons of different ways makes me reaaaaaaaally want to release an API for Squareknot. One step at a time...
I really, really like this idea/concept!! Great job @goldenchaos! I assume that as you scale/get more data, that users will be able to sort by category, most views, highest rated, etc. I think that is what I'm missing right now from a user perspective. I love it though. I'd be interested in signing-up for some sort of weekly e-mail that highlights what's been added, what's popular, etc. Great work everyone involved!
@jkent2910 Absolutely! A lot of the things you mentioned are on our roadmap, especially powerful search and discovery tools, as well as robust notifications to let you know when people are leaving comments or branching off of your projects. We're also working on being able to like projects, which will help us rank projects and branches better, and a special metric that we think is better for guides than views called "completes" - which is exactly what it sounds like. We're developing an algorithm that figures out how many people actually finished your project. This all really comes back to why Squareknot exists - to make it easier to do things! And if you know other people actually did it, maybe you're more likely to do it too. Also, the accuracy of the recommendation engine we can build with all this data is off the charts. I'm really looking forward to that day. All in good time!
Branching is a bit disorientating at first, but I love how it allows to create collaborative howtos. Sounds like github for howtos, let's fork! :) What happens when there are many branches for the same step?
@oelmekki exactly what you'd expect! It shows multiple branches next to the step, which you can swap between freely. Example: https://squareknot.com/workshop/... Side note, that drink is delicious.
@goldenchaos Nice :) My 2cents on that : you may want to add a button to allow to slide branches, and/or allow keyboard arrow keys navigation http://www.awesomescreenshot.com...
@oelmekki It would be terrible if someone leaked our existing plans to do those exact things... http://cl.ly/image/3A442r31213g Whoops.
@goldenchaos Your secret is safe with me!
@oelmekki @goldenchaos Exactly how I imagined it, looks great!
Congrats on the PH Launch @goldenchaos! Looks like a pretty neat site!