A square sized photo editor

SquareDude is designed for square sized your photos and generate the perfect image for sharing at Instagram.
With SquareDude, you can:
* Square size multiple photos with one tap
* Over 100 colors, gradients, and patterns
* Scaling, radius, canvas and more..
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5 Reviews5.0/5
Hi PH Community, I'm Allen, the designer from One Switch and Highlight. Today we're so excited to announce our new app - SquareDude, the square size photo editor for Instagram, we built it in a month and just shipped to the App Store. If you are curious about how to add the white frame of the picture, like most influencers on Instagram posted. Maybe SquareDude is one of the best answers. Unlike Inshot or other powerful photo editors, it's only designed for the flow of square size photos with a bunch of handy features, like multiple photos square size and applies the effect to all the photos with one tap, smart background color automatically fit, long-hold the photo to pick color manually and more... SqureDude is download for free, no subscriptions, just one-time purchase to unlock all pro features. We'll support square fit video in next couple of updates, so stay tuned and hope you enjoy this one. *Photo Credits: https://unsplash.com
This app makes me want to share photos in all platforms badly! and when i do others will always ask how can you turn your photos into such nice square. I love the blurred effect most, it gives the photo a nice and friendly background that others even won't notice at first. The apply to all button is also quite handy, post photos has never be so easy for me. Great Product I love it!!
SquareDude is such a good app that help me a lot !😍 I think it is the best pic-square app I have used. πŸ‘€ The design and logo of this app is pretty cool. It is completely different with the low-quality pic-square app. Here are the highlights I think: 1. Multiple Photos Square : I can maximumly square 9 photos once. 2. Numerous Pattens / Blur style : There are many square pattens / styles I can use. And the Blur Mode can make my pic more interesting. 3. Specific Design : In multiple square mode, I can choose specific square style for one pic, and export all the pics together. That is very effective! UPVOTED!
The cute and smooth interface is so comfortable.
I really love this app. it's saves so much time . Great product and great team. Good luck guys!