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Emails, bugs, incidents, meetings. Work keeps us busy, and it can often distract us from our goals.

Squadlytics helps you keep in mind what's important and share progress easily with continuous feedback. We built it to help teams stay focused - and we keep it super light so that it doesn't get in the way.

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StenMaker@stenpittet · Product guy - Atlassian Alumni
Hi everyone 👋 Many of us still track goals, OKRs, important initiatives in spreadsheets, docs and emails. A big reason for that is that project management tools are quite good at monitoring small tasks that need to be moved daily or weekly, but they can feel super heavy to manage updates on longer goals. But the problem with spreadsheets and docs is that they don't support workflows, and they don't know that they should be updated. So it's easy to forget about them and lose focus. We built Squadlytics as a simple solution for that: ☁️ It's light and easy so that everyone can adopt it. 💬 It's built to create tight feedback loops on goals and results. 🛎 It keeps teams accountable and sends reminders to make sure the statuses of projects are up-to-date. It's often seen as a cliché to talk about Simplicity as a key feature, but we take it seriously (https://blog.squadlytics.com/how...) and we want to help every team to get where they want to be. Let us know what you think!
Aaron  O'Leary
Aaron O'Leary@aaronoleary · Community @producthunt. Chef.
Hey there 👋 What does Squadlytics do different to say apps like Asana and Trello?
StenMaker@stenpittet · Product guy - Atlassian Alumni
@aaronoleary 👋thanks for the question! Compared to Asana we're quite close to their new Portfolio announcement. We think Asana is a great product and we'd push people to try their new Portfolio feature first before giving us a try. But with that said there are a few differences: * We focus on outcomes rather than tasks. * We're not a project management tool, we're more of a feedback tool to help understand the health of the organization. * We invest a lot into bringing smarts to goal-tracking (helping people set the right targets, workflows based on success/miss) - I can't say what Asana plans are but I'd assume that tasks management is their main priority. It's much easier to explain the difference with Trello. We use Trello internally to split projects into small tasks and move things daily. And we use Squadlytics to track our OKRs, quarterly goals. Basically Trello is for tasks, and Squadlytics is for outcomes (increasing active users, having X interviews, optimizing funnels, etc). We have a public roadmap at https://trello.com/b/jFtwfQIG/sq... if you want to have an idea of what's coming next (it's not very fleshed out but we're adding more details over time 😅) Let me know if that makes sense!
Walker Williams
Walker Williams@walkerteespring · CEO, Teespring
Love Squadlytics! Great work Sten.
StenMaker@stenpittet · Product guy - Atlassian Alumni
@walkerteespring :) Thanks again for your mentoring. Definitely made a difference to get where we are now!
Michael Lukaszczyk
Michael Lukaszczyk@m_lukaszczyk · Co-Founder at GraphCMS
Great product, exceptional founders!