Squad for web

Video chat + watch Netflix, YouTube & TikTok with friends

Goodbye loneliness. With Squad for desktop web, you can watch your favorite streaming services like Netflix and Hulu in a 9 person room - voice, video and chat included. No extension or install required. Search and watch YouTube, TikTok and movies together.
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I'm excited to launch Squad for desktop web! πŸ’» This furthers our mission of reducing loneliness and increasing human connection, which is needed now more than ever. By expanding from our iOS and Android apps to the web, we're making it even easier to experience the same thing as your friends. Our screen sharing is optimized specifically for watching videos so you can use any streaming service while video or voice chatting. We've designed it for watching long form content together, like TV shows and movies, so you can be together when you're physically apart. Here are a few things I think you'll love: 🍿 Voice, video and chat while watching literally anything πŸ’œ It's a living room, not a stage -- each room can hold 9 people -- and just like at home, only 1 person needs to log in to their streaming service to screen share with the room πŸ“£ Open a room, copy the link, and have friends instantly join you from the desktop web or inside our iOS and Android apps πŸ‘€ Browse & cowatch YouTube, TikTok and select movies, no screen sharing required πŸ“Ί Connect or cast your laptop to your TV for an immersive experience Squad is 100% free. The best tip you can give is telling a friend. 😍 It's very early days for us and for the web experience, but we wanted to get it into your hands to use now. We've got a lot of fun stuff planned on iOS, Android and the Web, so stay tuned. Our team would love to hear your feedback and ideas!
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@esthercrawford I love it! Congrats!
@esthercrawford Not having to signup is πŸ’―πŸ”₯ The free movies were buffering for multiple seconds every other second. It could be my computer though. I don't like to talk during movies and I directly don't use TikTok/Youtube. If Squad continuously picked the content like a 24/7 playlist of TikTok and/or Youtube videos and also allow participants to add to the playlist then I think I'd be more interested. Is Netflix & Chill still a thing when I spend 45 minutes figuring out what to watch?
@teapot I definitely believe that people should choose what they want do while coviewing content... in some cases video/audio make a ton of sense... in others, the chat box is sufficient. Since most of our users are teens, YouTube/TikTok are super important. As for the free movies buffering -- will look into it! Thx for the feedback! πŸ˜ƒ
@rhaivimies we appreciate the support!
@esthercrawford I was just telling someone that I wished there were better solutions for watching shows with friends. I can't wait to try this!
Great timing with this launch, @esthercrawford and team. 🍿
@rrhoover thanks! we started working on it with the belief that the web would play an important role for us in 2020 -- obviously now with people being at home it makes even more sense. One big surprise was how many beta testers connect their laptop to their TV to watch together on the big screen. We've got a "theater mode" coming later on to give even more real estate to the movie you're watching together. 🎬
Just had a watch party for a conference talk for an hour with my remote team flawlessly :). This is amazing and just what we need! It would be nice to have better audio level control so people can have sidebar conversations like we can IRL. Generally, featuring the stream more prominently (audio + video window size) would be awesome!
How am i getting movies for free on here?
Love this. Excited to try this with our remote team πŸ˜€πŸ˜
@rgupta29 yessss - team movie time!