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Thanks Pankaj! Hey all - Sqrrl is a mobile app (iOS + Android) to help young Indians start saving and investing without being burdened by paperwork, thousands of investment products and financial jargon. Idea is to co-relate money with life goals. Do let us know what you think! P.S. Currently open to resident Indian tax payers only!
Exciting to see a FinTech product outside of the US! Have you had any pushback from users on using an app to manage their money? I would expect trust to be a huge aspect of products like this?
@jason_crabtree_ Thanks Jason! There's always some pushback with this category of products, and we're very early, but we believe by focussing on customers' experience and addressing their concerns pro-actively we can try to gain trust. There's no short-cut. :)
Idea is pretty cool, idea of saving money is much powerful and empowering for many. The UI looks cool. Some effort can be put in explaining how it works behind the scenes. Being a new organization dealing with money savings, you're competing for trust with many established organizations. Why this product will beat those established organizations?
@pradeep_io Thanks Pradeep! We're working on improving communication on "How it works" and why one should choose Sqrrl. Our target is the non-savvy, (mostly) first time investor who keeps money in bank account and is put off by the traditional financial services industry. For this customer, we strive to be the most simple, delightful experience. We are neutral w.r.t product selection, unlike established players, and will use technology to scale where most industry relies on large operations. The journey has only started, but we have some ideas on how to stand out.