Save $1 for every 1000 steps you take

SQRL helps users build a habit of walking 10k steps a day and save $1 for every 1000 steps they take. You fund your own savings from your checking account into your own savings account.

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While the is nicely designed, I'm not a fan of the concept. To be clear, the "$1 for each 1k step saved" comes from your own account. This is basically an app that automates moving money from your account to another. A lot of banks already offer this anyway through their e-banking platform. Why make it less predictable by basing it on your steps? This is nothing like SWEATCOIN, or most of the other related products on the right for that matter.
@vahen Kind of funny concept, if you ask!
@vahen You're right in that it's nothing like sweatcoin. We aren't a crypto product. We don't use your device CPU to mine. Our aim is to connect steps as a metric of effort for your savings so you can build financial confidence and build a healthy habit. We also don't use a points system b/c we recognize it can be confusing to figure out how the points translate to a currency you use or a product you buy.
@traveler Can you tell me more? I'd love to better understand your perspective?

App explains all of the benefits but no where mention that to get the money we need to be in USA or Canada. But users from all over the world will get premium account with no benefits at all.


App only operates in Canada and US


It still ask users in India to go premium even they are not going to get any benefits out of it.

@sarabs3 This is a great point. I'm sorry about the confusion this may have caused. We would love to provide this internationally, but right now as you mentioned we are limited to Canada and US. We will update our website and app to be clear about conveying this message and I certainly appreciate your interest in the app!
Wait, so the US walking is financed by the rest of the world? America first, I guess... Ew.
Not what you think. Just save money automatically. Feels like you could end up saving less money, or take less steps because you are incentiving yourself with your own money and steps.
Heya there folks, I'm really excited to share a product I have been working on to help folks invest in the physical and financial well being. Check it out if you get a chance, give it a whirl and your feedback is most welcome!
@designom84 love it! I'm always targeting that 10K steps a day - fun way to combine savings and stepping. 👌🏻
@ems_hodge Thank you! I hope you enjoy it and I welcome feedback to make it better!
Hey! I've been using the app, it looks very intuitive and well designed and I wonder how it works, because with only 400 steps I have a potential savings of $0.41, that is money that I eventually can transfer to my bank account? Where that money comes from?
@cartur28 The app is free to download and our aim is for you to see how much you could be potentially saving if every 1,000 steps =$1 saved. When you are ready to make the savings real - you can upgrade the app with a one-time purchase of $4.99 to link your own checking account to fund your savings into a savings account of your choice. This way the money alway stays in your financial ecosystem.