Convert and import any text format to SQL

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SQLify is a conversion and data migration tool that works across diferent formats of data.



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Ahmad@hieroglyphics_team · Ahmad
Why didn't I see this earlier =( Good job though
Mohamed BoudraMaker@moboudra · 🤔
@hieroglyphics_team Thanks! I am sure you'll find it useful in the future 😉
Avinash D'Souza@avinashdsouza · VP, Marketing @ Deck Apps
Nice work @moboudra! Looks really simple to use...
Mohamed BoudraMaker@moboudra · 🤔
Thank you @avinashdsouza for your kind words! I am glad you liked it
Michael@michaelskirz · Product
This is awesome, teaching a webdev class this summer and will mention this to the students!
Mohamed BoudraMaker@moboudra · 🤔
Thank you @michaelskirz! It's nice to hear that this will be useful to a class!
Chris Ferrill@chrisferrill · Tattwo Inc.
Tomorrow my job will be a lot easier thanks to your awesome product!
Steve Messer@stevenjmesser · Product Manager
Wahoo! This is much easier than using the CONCATENATE function and & operators in Excel, it's going to make life a hell of a lot easier.